Nanban Enterprise

Nanban Enterprise was created with the sole mission of empowering friends and family and customers with services so that they can achieve financial freedom.

Nanban group of companies accomplishes this goal by offering three distinct services.

Gopala Krishnan (GK), Chief Executive Officer &
Managing Partner


Prior to joining as CEO of Nanban Group, GK was in several senior-level executive roles in a fortune 100 Information Technology (IT) Service company. In addition to the senior role in the IT industry, GK has been very successful in developing investment strategies to generate cash flow from the US financial market. GK has used his extensive educational background in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Engineering, and MBA in Finance to develop the strategies. These strategies are collectively referred to as “GK Strategies”.

GK has been generously sharing GK Level-1 and Level-2 strategies with the community for free under Nanban Foundation.

Mani Shanmugam, Chief Operating Officer &
Managing Partner


A Senior IT leader with proven expertise in operational and technical leadership with Fortune 100 Bank, experienced in running Data Analytics division for various banking products. He also led Regulatory Audits at various financial institutions while he was associated with Big 4 Consulting firms.

Mani has demonstrated excellence in building strong relationships & trust at every level of the organization with a passion for people development, building strong self-organizing teams to deliver superior results, maintaining great customer relationships, and bringing in operational efficiency delivering improved productivity and reduced risk. He has got a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science with certifications in Data Analytics / Business Intelligence area.

Sakthi Palani Gounder, Chief Investment Officer & Managing Partner


An Innovative & Thought leader, experience in leading Wealth Management Industry along with a decade of experience in Analytics and Data management, he has lead futuristic data-driven products for Investment Advisors,  delivered products that helped set strategic direction in the organization. An Engineering graduate from CEG Chennai, India, and FinTech education in HarvardX, he has a passion for stocks, trading strategies, and knowledge sharing.

Sasi Naga, Founder and President, NanbanCapitalX


Sasi Naga is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, avid sports person and loving father. Over the past 5 years, he has established multiple businesses across North America and India

With his leadership, business acumen and executive decisiveness, he has successfully launched numerous zero-to-one initiatives across all his companies. As a strategic investor with growth mindset, his portfolio of investments span across cyber security, multi-family real estate and broadly tech.

He believes in “people first” and “lead with empathy” mantra, which inspires and empowers everyone to grow as leaders.

He is also a spirited philanthropist with a firm resolve to serve humanity. He actively contributes to and leads multiple social impact projects across India and the USA.