Meet GK

Gopala Krishnan, also fondly known as “GK,” is CEO of Nanban Enterprise, hails from a military family background in Tamilnadu, India. Growing up, he and his family lived in multiple cities around India, giving him the privilege and opportunity to gain exposure to diverse cultures, languages, places, and people while growing up. GK’s parents and siblings are settled in Tamilnadu, India. GK is well versed in Seven Indian languages!

In his free time, GK enjoys sports, teaching, and charity work. His interests range from playing cricket, golf, and tennis to leading community events and rallying people to support various causes. Those who know him well would identify spreading happiness as another one of his main hobbies.

Whether it’s the workplace or a gathering of friends and family, GK brings life and energy wherever he goes. His love for people and care for their wellbeing is reflected in his leadership.

After moving to the US for a career in Information Technology, GK pursued an MBA in Finance and graduated with the highest academic honors. He has since taken on a number of senior-level executive roles at a Fortune 100 IT service company, where he led delivery both in the US and internationally.

GK’s passion for investing in stocks began in 1997. The first four years of his investing career saw mixed results with little consistency, so he embarked on a journey to find a better method. During the 2001 stock market meltdown, he couldn’t stop wondering, “Who is making money when most of the retail investors are losing money?” That’s what led him through a period of extensive research and self-learning, during which he devised his own formula for success called “GK StrategiesTM. 

In early 2002, GK crafted a set of techniques that shared four important characteristics: Cash Flow, Control, Compounding, and Consistency. Through continued research, GK designed five levels of strategy.

GK believes in “efficient market theory.” His strategies eliminate the need to predict the future using past data (ex. technical analysis, fundamental analysis, news-driven trading, and asset allocation based on economic cycles).

GK began sharing some of his strategies with friends and anyone who wanted to listen, so they could produce stable returns from the US stock market. As of now, nearly 6,000 people have adopted GK Strategies to grow on their own.

GK continues to engage in the community service he started back in 2002 by sharing his knowledge with others. GK graciously gives back to the community by providing two levels of his strategies through free webinars conducted by Nanban Foundation, a nonprofit organization. These top-class financial lessons allow our “Nanbans,” or friends, to invest on their own and generate cash flow.

GK is on a mission to bring financial freedom to all. By sharing the core concepts of cash flow, GK believes the community can thrive together and live free of stress

GK is blessed with a beautiful wife, who shares and supports his vision for helping people attain financial freedom. They have two lovely kids and a family dog—Gladiator.